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F.W. Murnau’s Faust

Just a very fast and dreadfully tardy public service announcement to any readers in Portland, Oregon that tonight at the Hollywood Theater there will be a showing of F.W. Murnau’s classic silent movie Faust (1926). In addition, the film will be accompanied by a live ensemble. Details are here.

“Yes. Yes.” You may say. “But silent films are such a bore.” Let me support you, dear reader, in that statement. Your humble servant has sat through more than a few awful silent films in his unnaturally long span on this planet. I’ve never seen Faust, but I did have the opportunity to see Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922) on the big screen long, long ago. I can still remember where I was when I saw it, it made such an impression on me. Let me also add that Faust is rated number 6 greatest horror film of all time on IMDB, just below John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) and right above the aforementioned Nosferatu and William Friedkin’s The Exorcist (1973).

Here is a chance to see it on a big screen! With a live ensemble! I will be there.

Pinup of the Week: 1967 Go Go Dancers

Dear reader,

Today you find your poor servant accursed! Ever since I laid eyes on the subjects of this eBay auction, I have been unable to think of anything else. I close my eyes and see the redhead. No! No! The blonde! But wait: The redhead has such a tantalizingly askew hat and striped socks. And a golden belt with chained loops. But wait! The blonde, she is dancing in rain-slicker-yellow Go Go boots, and that thing she’s doing with her shoulder. Augh! But the redhead, she’s doing the ’60s dance that’s half dog paddle, half “flip the bun”. RRRR RRRRR RRRRR. WROW! Yes. Yes, dear reader. No damsels in distress today, of all days, the Friday before Halloween. Alas, I can’t help myself. It was as if through a fever dream that I watched my hands as they took the original photo from the auction and used GIMP to straighten out the perspective and paint in the missing frame pieces with the clone tool.

A Haiku
Oh sleep calls to me.
Her sweet sleep and Go Go boots.
My poor broken heart.

I hope to recover from this soon.

The originals:

darkinthedark does not claim copyright on these images. If you are the copyright holder and object to their presence here, please contact me and I will remove them.

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Vintage Photo Album: The Candelabra

This week I’ve got a concentrated concoction of vintage photo goodness for everyone here. I should mention, very quickly, that I’ve fallen in love with a mysterious dancer from this period, Desiree Lubovska, and have started a sub-blog right here to chronicle things I’ve found about her. It’s been slow going because October is coming, but I’m working on it!

First up are Werner Krauss and Conrad Veidt from the great 1921 film by Robert Wiene, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (IMDB entry here), which remains one of my favorite films of all time. I love this movie! It can be viewed in full, here. As with other great silent films, memorabilia from this movie is not cheap. – Auction Here – Ends 9/29

I don’t know what it is, but these two tintypes remind me of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Auction Here Ends 9/29

1920s Leda and the Swan

A modernist Leda knits a swan while listening to the radio. If that’s not a swan she knitting, I want to know what it is. Such a kooky photo. No auction here.

Martha Pierre as Candlelight by Alfred Cheney Johnston, dated 1921. I refuse to believe that anyone can be named Martha Pierre. That’s like being named Meg Ian or Enid Mohammed. Harriet Oskar. Irene Hans. Beatrice Giuseppe. Mabel Ivan. Mmmmm. Tasty dissonance. What was I talking about? This photo is the very zenith. Auction Here Ends 10/5

Vintage Photo Album: Pola Negri Edition

This week’s installment of the fabulous vintage photo album is dedicated to the lovely and talented Pola Negri, born Barbara Apolonia Chalupiec  on January 3, 1897.

Palo Negri as photographed by Eugene Robert Richee

Hey beautiful lady, where are you going looking so serious? Probably some smoke-filled room in the back of the casino, with a poisoned stiletto hidden in your bodice. This photo screams 1930s to me, from the glamour and rich tones. Photo by famous Hollywood photographer Eugene Robert Richee (Google image search here) who made this photo for Paramount. Richee is known for his many photos of Louise Brooks. Compare to this spectacular photo of Myrna Loy from the film Thirteen Women (1932). Sadly, it will set you back some serious change. – Auction Here – Ends 8/16

Pola Negri Tobacco Card

A 1935 Reemtsma tobacco card (also known as cigarette cards). Despite being printed in 1935, the decor, clothes, and makeup make me think this is a silent film still. Are those supposed to be Chinese clothes, or pajamas? The world may never know. The man here is identified as Harry Liedtke. This little delight will not give you so much pain in your wallet as the last, put it’s printed. – Auction Here – Expires when it expires

Pola Negri Tobacco Card

Another 1935 Reemtsma tobacco card. Does this, or does this not look just like Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter? In actuality, it’s Fritz Schultz and Pola Negri. I love silent films. What body language! He can’t step forward without tripping on her train. – Auction Here – Expires when it expires

Nicholas Cage???

Speaking of doppelgangers of movie stars. Doesn’t this look just like Nicholas Cage? On sale by the proprietor of The Thanatos Archive. It will set you back a million bucks. – Auction Here – Expires when it expires

1931 Ghost Walks - A Dangerous Affair

There are so many things I love about this photo. So. Many. Things. A 1931 publicity still for A Dangerous Affair, a.k.a. Ghost Walks (IMDB info page here). The medicine cabinets. The cool lady in the slinky black dress. Two gagged heroes who were rounded up while getting ready for bed, and the third who obviously just got back from a party. The party-goer is saying “you dirty rat” with his eyes. You dirty rat. – Auction Here – Ends when it ends

Snake Charmer CDV

Snake Chamer CDV

We end with not one, but two 19th Century snake charmer CDV photos. The first ends August 13, and the second ends the same day.

Thanks for tuning in to another suspenseful chapter of delving into the vintage photo crypts of eBay. So many photos, so little time.

Have you seen Let the Right One In? You have to have to have to see this stunning film. The story is a nice new take on my favorite vampire tale, Carmilla.

See more Vintage Photos here on Dark in the Dark.

Check this space for more weird photos on eBay.

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darkinthedark does not claim copyright on these images. If you are the copyright holder and object to their presence here, please contact me and I will remove them.

Vintage Photo Album Eight: Hey Baby. Going My Way?

It’s that time again. The time of the week where I post some great vintage photos from the deep dark archives of eBay. These days I look for a theme in the photos, and I think that this week’s collection must be forgiven, because its mind is elsewhere. Perhaps dwelling on matters that aren’t broached in polite company. I really tried to pare these down this week, but still ended up with nine. Sorry about that. I’m obsessive.

Misusing the Electric Implement

This would normally be a straight-forward picture, as it certainly appears, until one regards the electrical device. The transphosphorstylus here is plainly being misused. One does not hold it like a potato. – Auction Here – Expires When it Expires

St. Petersbourg

I can’t really put my finger on what is wrong here. Which of these two is made of wood? Shockingly expensive for what it is. – Auction Here – Expires 8/2

Clown Dance?

The Person selling this gem titled it “Clown Dance”. Probably thinking that the nice clowney was on stilts. You can see the clown dance, can’t you? Dance as the girl wakes up and starts screaming. It’s too late for her. The one in her lap will keep her in the chair. – Auction Here – Expires 7/31

Take Me Home

Both parties are obviously in peril. – Auction Here – Expires 8/2 – This seller is located in Porkopolis, Ohio, United States. Porkopolis.

Double Exposure

I don’t usually go for double exposures, because there are lots of them and let’s face it, they’re mistakes. Lots of vernacular vintage photos have the shadows of the photographer in them, too. It’s an artifact of the way photos were created then. The first one you find might look sinister or unusual. Then you see hundreds more and the effect is spoiled. Every once in a while, though, a really delicious one shows up. That’s the case here. – Auction Here – Expires 7/31

My OCD is to Blame

A spectacularly obvious fake spirit photo by George and Craig Falconer, circa 1930. You can see the halftone dots on the picture they must have cut from a newspaper or magazine. She looks like a romance novel heroine, poor dear. I wasn’t going to post this, seeing as how there are a ton here, but my OCD made me. For the sake of completeness. More here and here and here. – Auction Here – Expires 8/4

Lovely Mary Duncan, 1929

Hot dog! You may remember Mary Duncan from her lead role in The Shanghai Gesture. Here she is as photographed by William Mortensen (bio) (google image search) – Auction Here – Expires 8/3

They Don't Build Them Like That Anymore

Ah Yes. The more clever of you will have already deduced the purpose of this evil mechanism from the indicators at the top, which are labeled “Occupied” and “Free”. The rest of you will need to learn to use your imaginations. – Auction Here – Expires 8/6

Stop, Pelican

Stop! (I adore vintage photos with dates on them. The serrated edges of this snapshot say 1960s to me, and so it is: January 1960. Somebody is late taking their decorations down.) – Auction Here – Expires 8/4

Arcade Card Original

I always like to end with a pinup. This is an original proof for an arcade card. The seller speculates that the photo originated from Alta Studios in San Francisco, CA, which is now famous for its “artful nudes” from the 1920s that a person could mail order. The cards made from these originals were dispensed from machines at arcades, and are also known as Mutoscope cards or Exhibit Cards. Auction Here – Expires 7/31

See more Vintage Photos here on Dark in the Dark.

Check this space for more weird photos on eBay.

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darkinthedark does not claim copyright on these images. If you are the copyright holder and object to their presence here, please contact me and I will remove them.
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I ated Tinkerbell.

Fhtagn Spoken Here.

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The Shunned House
H.P. Lovecraft

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