Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy as of July 2009

I love it when PR companies, publishers, and manufacturers contact me. I also love fame and rely on my readership and as such need to maintain credibility with my readers. I believe that it is in everyone’s best interests for me to be ethical in my dealings with everyone involved. Here’s the deal:

Thanks for Sending Me Your Book. If you send me a book or product to review, I promise to give it a thoughtful review. I don’t always give “positive” reviews, but I do try to give “good” reviews. If you take a look at some of my reviews it will give you an idea.

I Sometimes Get Free Stuff. As of July 2009, I will notify readers in the text if a product or book I am reviewing was sent to me by a manufacturer, publicist, or publisher to review. I’ve gone back to old posts and tried to make sure that all of them include disclosure information where appropriate. If you’re reading a post and I don’t mention anything about it, then most likely I bought the item or had my bat army acquire it for me. Any item reviewed after July 2009 will have a disclosure if it was sent to me for free.

I Advertise On My Site: I do find myself advertising products that I review. I do not let this sway my opinions. I find that I don’t always know what’s going to happen, so I opt for honesty.

Etsy has no affiliate program: Unless specified, reviews on Etsy artists are done out of the kindness of my own heart and my interest in the weird cool stuff there.

The flying monkeys let our technician out for a minute and he snuck away into the light of day. Thanks for your patience during this difficult transition.
I ated Tinkerbell.

Fhtagn Spoken Here.

... the attic, a vast raftered length lighted only by small blinking windows in the gable ends, and filled with a massed wreckage of chests, chairs, and spinning-wheels which infinite years of deposit had shrouded and festooned into monstrous and hellish shapes.
The Shunned House
H.P. Lovecraft

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