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Pictures of Coraline Papercraft from Italy

Coraline Box

O Pato Desafinado in Italy created a Coraline-themed box and Doll from my papercraft Coraline Doll. They look really well made and awesome. More pictures at Caffè Delle Tre. Grazie tanto for sending these to me!

Coraline Doll Papercraft

MAD TEA: Melissa Sue on Etsy

I took a brief break from my Mad Tea duties, and am late for it today as well. But better late than never, as they say. MAD TEA stands for Monster Art Dolls Toy Etsy Artists. It’s a stretch I know. See this page for details about MAD TEA. Today’s Etsy Monster Artist is Melissa Sue Stanley. This post also goes in the “It’s safe to tell you now I’ve ordered mine.” category because I got one of her creations.

Horrible. Horrible.

Horrible. Horrible.

Melissa Sue designs and creates creatures and creations. You can order pre-made items from her store, or you can ask for something custom. It looks like she doesn’t make Amigurumi anymore, which is too bad. For the uninitiated, Amigurumi is a Japanese art of making knitted or crocheted anthropomorphic shapes or stuffed animals. I guess it’s kind of moot now, though, except: She is selling a couple of pre-made ones.

I’m going to shut up now and let the photos do the talking. These are great soft-sculpture objects.

Melancholy Monster

Footsie Monster 3

Footsie Monster 3

New U design monster stuffed animal

sea undine monster

I wanted a friend for the Diabolical Dr. Francois, so I ordered a custom Melancholy Monster. We traded a few Etsy “convos”, which are what Etsy refers to as messages about an item. I didn’t realize until I ordered this monster that Etsy is pretty well set up to do custom orders and commissions. You can basically pick an artist, write up a proposal for what you want, and offer a price. The artist can accept, decline, or haggle. It ends up being an interesting process.

I sent in my commission and Melissa Sue sent back this drawing.

Design Drawing

I suggested some changes to the head gear, and this is what resulted.

Custom Monster

Here’s the finished product, with the Diabolical Dr. Francois.

Monster with the Diabolical Dr. Francois

Dr. Francois isn’t looking as sinister and menacing as usual, because I caught him off-guard with this gift.

Melissa Sue, like most Etsy artists, has a blogger blog which it looks like she updates fairly regularly. You should check it out. There’s a lot of cool stuff. Well, that’s it for this week’s installment of MAD TEA. See you next week for more Monster Art Doll Toy Etsy Artists.

House Tree Monster

Pinup of the Week: Ghost Stories August 1926

Ghost Stories 1926 August

Ghost Stories August 1926

Uncanny, Spooky, Creepy Tales




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* Search for Shudder Pulps on eBay *

Monster Alphabet: O is for Ominous Furniture

Monster Furniture

The dark night of your stay in the curious old hotel is punctuated by the faint sound of sneaking back and forth outside your door. The carpet barely muffles the floorboards in this place but no new visitors clomp down the hall. But are you imagining the sound of small feet? Or brushing tails? The hint of a purr? Sometimes mewing or a screech is heard as if some cats were having a brief argument down the hall. Something about the sounds make you think they are either too big or too small, or maybe both. But that could only be the acoustics of the tall ceilings in this ancient structure, or an overactive imagination. You bury your head under your pillow and resolve to bring your stay here to an end tomorrow.

In the morning you wake to find the sun streaming through the windows of your room and laugh at your foolishness the evening before. As you exit your room, this ominous piece of furniture greets you in the hallway and you can’t help but wonder if there are crafty animals under the cover. Did it just move?

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday. Of course I can’t tell you how old I am, or the agents will visit again and remind me to be discreet. In honor of my birthday, however, I have decided give you a present. I wrote you a story about Ominous Furniture. Happy Birthday to me!

More Monster Alphabet.

Confidential to Secret Admirer: Buy Two 750s For Me Please Sweetheart.

Coraline Seeing Stone Papercraft

Corline's Seeing Stone Papercraft

Download this Coraline Papercraft from Tektonten Papercraft. Via Evil Buttons.

The flying monkeys let our technician out for a minute and he snuck away into the light of day. Thanks for your patience during this difficult transition.
I ated Tinkerbell.

Fhtagn Spoken Here.

... the attic, a vast raftered length lighted only by small blinking windows in the gable ends, and filled with a massed wreckage of chests, chairs, and spinning-wheels which infinite years of deposit had shrouded and festooned into monstrous and hellish shapes.
The Shunned House
H.P. Lovecraft

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