Paper Model: Proxima Centari by Jerom

Sometime I look up at the sky and I spend some time thinking about the universe and my place in it. I consider how small and insignificant my life might seem to the universe. Just another monster. Sometimes, I wonder about monsters on other planets. Of course, I know the truth about that but I’ve been sworn to secrecy by the Agents. I could tell you but my web host would be shut down within minutes of posting the real truth. So for now I’ll just say that IF there were alien monsters, and IF they were interested in taking over the Earth, then sleeping with a shotgun under your pillow wouldn’t help save you OR your little doggie from the coming terror.

On the plus side, you can have fun while the clock ticks down (that is IF the clock is ticking.) Here’s a great alien monster paper model to bide the time. This might be my favorite horror model yet, and it is very easy to make. It’s the Papertoy Proxima Centauri by Jerom. He has a great blog filled with cool paper models, especially monsters. If you want to download this model to make it yourself, don’t miss the high res copy – look for the link marked ICI.

I had a little extra fun with this model and put a white LED in it. So that it would light up from inside. Check it out.

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by JeromPictured here is a terrifying alien paper model

Here at Dark in the Dark, we don’t just do book reviews. We also do horror paper toys, or whatever you call them: Paper Models, Papercrafts, or Paper Toys.

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by JeromAlien Paper Model in its Horrifying Embryonic Stage

I feel the same way about paper models that I do about origami. With both arts there is a sweet spot between complexity and simplicity. Most of us don’t have the skills or patience of brain surgeons. And very few of us are going to get paid to sit around and put together paper models (although of course a monster can always dream.) This model is definitely over on the simple side, taking only about 15 minutes to build, but ends up being really cool.

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by JeromHorror Papertoy with the lights on.

I have something of a backlog of paper toys to make and post, unfortunately. In the past I’ve posted three different Pyramid Head paper models. Here is the first Pyramid Head Papercraft. Here are model number two and toy number three. I’ve also posted a Hieronymus Bosch Monster Paper Model. Hopefully I’ll get some more posted soon. Maybe the next time I’ll post some paper model building tips.

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by Jerom

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by JeromMore terrifying views of Jerom’s Proxima Centari Paper Toy

Here’s the rig I built into the bottom of the paper model to hold the LED light. So the light goes into the hole there and then slides over into the slot which holds it. The other holes there are so light comes out of the bottom of the toy. Obviously, I photoshopped the wires out of the above pictures. The wires hang out of the bottom. I should come up with something more permanent.

Proxima Centauri Paper Model by JeromIt looks like we’ve got ourselves a girl alien paper model here.

Question: What’s more terrifying than one alien paper model glowing in the dark?
Answer: Waking up the next morning to find two of them! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!

And then they ate me. (OK. OK. No they didn’t.)

Two Alien Paper Toys

Update – We’ve gotten some attention and have been featured on Superpunch and Nice Paper Toys dot com. Thanks everybody!

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